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ALA DL2700 CRL 26D

ALARM LOCK DL2700 CRL 26D T2 Mortise Keypad (classroom Function)

T2 Mortise Keypad (classroom Function)

Alarm Lock DL2700 Trilogy T2 pushbutton cylindrical lock,
electronic battery-operated with key override. Grade 1

1 master, 10 managers, 90 basic users,
3 one-time service codes
5-AA battery operated; 175,000 cycles

For outdoors, specify WP Weatherproof models -31˚ to +151˚F (-35˚ to +66˚C)

-Clutch mechanism permits turning lever without retracting latch and
reduces stress on lock bodies and spindle.
-Outside lever free turning in locked position.
-Entering access code, key bypass, or remote bypass will allow lever to
retract latch.
-Inside lever always instant egress.