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ALARM LOCK RR TRILOGY KIT Network Trilogy Wireless Remote And Receiver

Network Trilogy Wireless Remote And Receiver.

Buzz-In of Trilogy Cylindrical Locks — No Electric Strikes or Power Supply Needed! Operations managers, facility & plant directors, security officers, administrators, and business owners when asked what the single biggest thing is they wish they could do with their Trilogy locks, always respond by saying how they'd like to be able to open them with the push of a button — similar to a buzz-in system.  You commonly see push buttons in a manager's office, on a receptionist's desk, or shop floor wall.  They save time.  When you're busy, and someone needs temporary access, it's more efficient to push a button instead of wasting time physically going to the door.  Depending on how familiar you are with these setups, it's likely dawning on you that this would be nice to have for a more complete door entry system, but from what you've seen or heard, can be rather complex and cost prohibitive to do.  More often than not you'd be right.  Typically, you either have to cable from the door back to the secretary's desk, or channel through the door into the lock.  It's why most will just forego this option.  Alarm Lock recognized this, and took a number of steps to ensure their remote release option was simple, and streamlined.  In fact, the process for adding this feature to their Trilogy locks is now no more difficult than removing the battery cover on an existing or new Trilogy cylindrical lock, locating the 2 white remote release wires, and black and red battery pack wires, and then connecting the RR-RECEIVER.  The RR-RECEIVER is included in your RR-TRILOGYKIT, along with a RR-1BUTTON desk mounted button.  Place the button where you want, and that's it.  It really is that simple.  You can add remote release to any cylindrical Trilogy dating back to 1994.

  • Only Comes With Reciever and Remote
  • No Lock included
  • Will Work With Any Cylindrical Trilogy Lock Manufactured Since 1994
  • Allows You To Control Your Trilogy Device By Remote
  • Easy Installation